OFFICIAL: Best picture of your ride(s)

My 2g DSM project that will be awoken come spring time:

2g awd Talon I just bought for my gf, simple 16g setup on it. Currently in the middle of replacing the trans:

My daily parts hauler b5 S4:

Cars look good Detective Coating!

My evo when I only had a few things done and my civic (the daily)

How my evo looks now

Looking good JT! Bay is going to look much better shortly. Nice change on the wheels, looks much better! I like your bandaids over the wing holes :wink: lol. Looks much better without the wing, I haven’t seen any I like with them on there.

Yeah I know I cant wait to get more done! Cant go wrong with RPF1s lol…haha yeah I need to get a CF trunk or get the holes filled in but I need to get the motor all together first

Spoilerless EVOs look good

just got this car the other day march 16th

95 talon tsi awd