Official "sightings" thread


For real, I thought my shit was going to get jacked just pulling in there to take a picture.


Newer red WRX STi (maybe a '14-'16 model) sedan that lives a few streets over from me. I see it around the Genesee/Union area all the time, anyone on here by chance?


Black Saleen stang between dick and union on walden in cheektowaga, got up close to him in the Viper but just waved him on since I turned into Walmart.


What I thought was Onyx Josh in a newer Range Rover passing through VA today. Had NYSpeed stickers on it, but the windows were too dark to confirm. Was behind you for about 35min on 77.




thats him.


I see what you did there…


That’s deff @Onyx_Z32. Scotts has a huge Defend Buffalo sticker across the side.


Yeah @Justin that was me :tup:


Been seeing a lot of slingshots lately…weird cars/bikes…

Was behind this this Triumph TR4 yesterday, never seen one before, pretty cool little car. Anyone from here own it?


I’ve wanted a V8 swap TR4/6 for years, that’s my future project car.


Red 2000’s GTO with some engine work done going from the airport down 33 Saturday around Noon. Nice car, sounds good. Not sure if you were trying to make me feel like my car was slow or not by stomping on the gas after I was getting off at Harlem but yeah… I did not buy an s2000 for power. lol


What kind of engine work was done, how could you tell?


Younger guy in an orange Lambo on Sheridan yesterday, driving 35 mph like a grandma.



Doesn’t take rocket science to hear stuff has been done more than exhaust.


WE GET IT. YOU HAVE AN S2000 AND ITS AWESOME. IT HANDLES SO WELL. I think every time you post its about how great the s2000 is and its not a drag car and its a drivers car and your a driver and yada yada yada…WE GET IT


Apparently people don’t since I get people revving their engines at me every day. Seems like I hit a spot with you.


^ lol.