Official "sightings" thread


Hahah well played thanks

Strong donk game


Funny seeing this, I just spotted I believe its an old 80s Caprice riding around on like 26’s in Lockport. Looks incredibly retarded.


So, who was this at Wilson Boathouse, Friday?


^My brother has one sitting in my shop. Sick of looking at the damn thing lol.


I came here to see if you saw the blue, duck bill spoiler 995 that has been in that lot.


I’m usually not over there, but I’m having some work done by the guy who runs that marina. I’ll be docked there for the next couple of weeks, so I’ll keep an eye out. We plan on making the most of this week, since it went in a bit late.


Ran a green bike last night on southwestern in my buddys b8s4 stage 2 … if we didnt miss third we woulda had u… also ran a e46 m3 black in op slammed … dusted ur ass lol


You never had him…you never had your car…


Coulda, woulda, shoulda… And if you didn’t suck at driving, you wouldn’t have missed 3rd


Spotted a white Huracan parked at Jada Blitz and not even 100ft down the plaza I saw what appeared to be a white 458 Spider,older dude driving it.



@yukoncorn; Can my open-fairing bike play? :slight_smile:


Lmao :rofl:


Saw @Shifty earlier ballin’ out in the E55 AMG. Looks good!


I gotta ask him who does his hair.


FS: Camaro Rims


That’s REALLY lowered. Not sure I like the stance.


Hopefully not putting black BBS wheels on that with THAT kind of stance…


LZ on Walden in Lancaster


That’ll teach David Chevy not to park their shit in the Summit park mall lot.