Official "sightings" thread


HAHA Found him, this was before it was wrapped… But same plate, same guy…


fuck that’s fucking hilarious


Is it bad that I think it’s fucking awesome and I love his license plate? Fuck my life I feel like a total failure.

EDIT: I went to his website, and googled reviews for him. He’s damn near perfect at what he does. I had no idea you could get divorced over the phone starting at only $450.99, what a deal!


A friend bought a white Huracan and 2 other friends each have red 458 spiders…
but Saw a blacked out Huracan & Black 458 (which both cars look soooooo good in) within 5min of each other near hertel/delware.

Based on some recent sightings and car meets…WNY has really turned it up recently


Why did the pictures of his girlfriend, “mostly naked, with other women” have to be taken down? My day is simply ruined


Saw a white 458 out here in the burbs the other day that looked amazing :tup:


Yeah I’m seeing some nice cars around the city lately :tup:


Saw this sitting at West Herr Ford Service yesterday. Not sure exactly what it is but it doesn’t look like it gets good gas mileage.


Probably the same one I saw a few weeks back in East Amherst.

Black Rolls Royce driving down Walden near the Galleria this evening.


Still going tonight? I’d like to see what the GTR is capable of and the conditions look to be decent.


It’s a hybrid.


That looks like ECSO’s ERT rig. Unless another local agency is getting one.


I think it’s sweet

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I had to bail on today


I may not be able to make it, still on the fence.

I know STM and @deebo are going up though with a bunch of people.


Walmart on Walden




I think I saw the Huracan yesterday. I’m not real good at telling Lambo models apart though. It was backing out of a driveway, had black wheels with red calipers, sounded so good!


Grey gtr skyline pulled over on the 90. Hope he left you off easy buddy


was at Schmidt getting service on Friday, brand new graphite Huracan getting inspection, exhaust was sickkkkk


Saw a nice black air cooled 911 with ugly (JK) black wheels at Music Fest in East Aurora tonight.