Official "sightings" thread


There isn’t really a safe distance.


You can get close when they are sleeping, but run away if they wake up to leave.


I keep seeing an 03-04 Cobra, red, stock looking, but has what sounds like an exhaust on it. Car is stupid clean. One of the few cars I would still consider owning and not crushing out of hatred of all things automotive.


Orange Lotus on Transit / Clinton.


Elise, Evora, Esprit?


Likely the EVORA since the owner lives on Clinton near Transit


Who here owns a 2dr black cavalier with a loud fart can pushing 220hp from bolt-ons. Rocking the blvd with no interior or heat controls…strictly track car I was told


driving back from Jamestown Friday morning I spotted the entire caravan for the Black List Rally… holy effing eff… anyone see this crazy Canucks driving down 219?


I saw the red 458 on my way home from Pittsburgh Saturday morning. Must have been left behind.


Tesla Model X in Williamsville today. They’re surprisingly thin and tall, not as wide as I imagined.


That’s what she said.


yup, on 190 - mclarens 570 670 whatever those new ones are, huracans, 458s, 488, gt3 rs bunch of R8s, etc…pretty impressive string of cars


Red 458 last night around 1030 downtown on West Tupper…


Finally saw the infamous Signal Green RS7 in EA tonight. Hi :tup:.


I was driving down Broadway in Lancaster this afternoon and saw an awesome suv. It looked like an urban assault vehicle. I didn’t catch a name or any good information but my wife said that the name was on the sideof the hood and she thought Iit started with a T.

Anyone know this thing?


Red F430 Spyder in front of the Hamburg Grange Thursday morning. Yellow 458 Italia on 90 eastbound between Buffalo and Rochester yesterday. WNY is picking up.


Another B/W Viper by the Engine Plant yesterday. It’s a 97. Now my car has a friend!


I saw it going down Sheridan last week, I would totally run over any prius just to prove a point


Black Aventador pulling out of the neighborhood across from me, with orange lines all over the body seams like it was out of Tron or something…

I thought it looked stupid, at least it sounded great.


Terradyne probably?