Official "sightings" thread


Hi! I finally washed it yesterday. I hate it when people have brake dust on their wheels, I was one of those people. It was embarrassing.


Pretty sure that actually started as an orange Aventador and had black vinyl applied for that look. I could be wrong, but I thought I saw something pop up on my facebook feed about it.


I saw a Porsche like that, it was chrome with yellow lines.


He also just got a dark brown Rolls Royce Dawn, his garage is ridiculous


Spotted sammy van-Halen. Still has the 2005 sti with the red white and blue decals


No way! He’s still with us?


ha he lives in a rat hole apt near Walmart in the falls; I used to see the Sti and the transmarobird there all the time. He must have had a lot of vacation time from work???



Used to see him all the time bombing around on the BLVD. Been a while.


Yea it’s been a while since I’ve seen him but he’s still around. He was parked outside McAllisters in NF with his door open listening to tunes I presume.


Came across a Black 350z trying to have fun on Tuesday around 745am. This started around Clarence Center rd by Arrowhead Golf Course and followed to Greiner and Thompson in Clarence.


Was it a Knight XV? I saw one on the thruway a cpl weeks ago.


New back on here looking to network

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Do people still meet up and chill


Spotted white Volvo 850 wagon with “defend buffalo” heading towards Erie

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Netflix & chill bruh? I’m down


Lol naw like parking lots or car shows


lol I just sold that Volvo about 3 days ago. All my vehicles have the DB sticker on them.


Volvo 780 Bertone last night from Caffe’ Aroma…was an old friend’s…beautiful car…


Think I saw Lamborghini Steve on his boat at Riverworks Monday.


Porsche Baja Lambo Steve???