Official "sightings" thread


Spotted the vehicle in Clarence last week. They are Gurkha by Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc. I believe the model is the RPV. Definitely a badass vehicle.


Haha you did. My dad took it out for the day. I was golfing


Yeah. Terradyne. I want that truck more than my house. I can have that truck if I sell my house, but then I will have to live in it with my wife and three little shits.


Those damn little shits! Always ruining all the fun. haha

That truck is serious business though. They have like 3 versions of that vehicle. A closed back may give you more sleeping quarters. Just saying. lol


3 versions or like 3 versions?


Lotus guys step in.

3 or 4 Lotus Elise and what I believe was either 1 or 2 Older Esprits. One may have been an older Ferrari. Also trailing behind them was possibly a 90s body Porsche 911 with a big wing on the back. All turning left from Goodrich onto Greiner heading towards Akron at 7:45am this morning.


Those are the Loony’s!

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Awesome car!


Today on Union around 10AM, on the way to the gym some guy in a dark gray idk wtf it was nissan with rims? Pulled into Don’s auto body, guessing he must work there, or needs work because the car could use it. Sounded good though. Anyways he wouldn’t stop revving and taking off on me. Nothing against him I just don’t race anyone, because I really don’t know how to drive aggressively and do not want to ruin myself or others.


Ran a older model jaguar the other night near quaker crossing, pulled up beside you chatted than did a quick pull u said it was a v8 supercharged … was preety impressed sounded awesome, i think u were shocked i kept up with you lol u on here


new GT500 reddish burgundy with black stripes. works downtown. loud exhaust. thing sounds amazing and hes always on it


This guy might live in Lancaster if it’s the one I’m thiking…and yes, amazing.


Those new GT’s are pretty awesome.


Anyone on here or know , who has the fiesta … st … black stm sticker in passenger rear window, did a couple pulls on union very surprised wondering whats done


Tesla Model X on 290-grand island. White with black wheels. "Looked amazing


If you find him first, I’d like to have a few words with this ass-hat over his driving “technique”


Rad looking blackity black M4 this afternoon on the 400.


Spotted @Jeller on Sheridan Drive in Williamsville Saturday evening with the P-car. Looks stunning as usual!


Thanks man :tup:


I’m seeing a surprisingly large amount of Tesla Model Xs around Buffalo.


It’s a bad ass SUV and the technology is awesome. Who doesn’t like the door being opened for them lol