Official "sightings" thread


Black Ferrari (458 I believe) at Main and South Forest this afternoon about 3:30. One of the great last days of driving weather we’ll get for the year.


I keep seeing a middle aged man driving a silver v8 r8 around the downtown area. rain or shine, love it.


Burnt orange McLaren MC12 on North Forest Sunday early afternoon heading towards Maple.


Sam and I must be on the same schedule, I keep seeing @EvoMR and the GTR.

Im in this these days


I thought that was you on Main St yesterday with the OH temp tags. Must have been you the other day in Snyder as well. What’s done to the car? I want a ride one of these days as that’s a car I’ve been considering. Looks real good.


I picked it up a few weeks ago as work car. It has an USP intake on it and I didnt know it at the time of purchase, nor did the dealership, but it has an APR tune as well. Ive been working out a few issues (o2 sensors, wastegate issue) but it will be 100% soon.


Probably scoots pretty good for a 4 door!


Outside of Philly earlier this week:


There are a few good examples of these in our area. ^ cool cars


You happen to know any of them personally? I’d love to chat with someone who owns one.


I know 2-3 local guys with them. @Sansone being one of them.


I think Joe’s is a GTST but yeah he is one. Theyre probably the same 2-3 people I know lol


Anyone know the Black 350z owner I talked about in the past that lives out near Akron? Saw his car totaled on the side of Greiner and Bank St by Salt Rd in Clarence. Not sure what happen but it looked as if he tried to avoid an box van and hit a telephone pull with the side of the car. Phone pole was snapped (not on the ground) and all airbags blown off in the 350. I believe the driver was his phone outside the car when I drove by but not certain it was him as there were cars pulled over on both sides with the paramedics just down the street on their way.

Hopefully he’s okay and curious to know what happen. Looks really shitty.


Blue with white stripe viper on transit this morning. Was probably @ubengineering


White GT350 Mustang going down Walden towards the Galleria yesterday morning.


Not me. Could be that guy with the fart cans on his?


Saw these 2 gems this past weekend:




God, as a former Miata owner that makes my life hurt.


Such a shame. Not necessary when the aftermarket for these cars is still heavy.

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