Official "sightings" thread


Union and Genesee





Thats what I saw…


Ha, that big wing Miata keeps popping up on my FB feed.


For as weird/shotty looking as that is, I bet it handles the road like nobody’s business.

Edit: Just noticed it has wheel spacers/stance?? IDK but anyways, is that good for handling? I would assume not, and I would much rather someone else answer for me than google it or use my own scientific hypothesis on why or why not it would/wouldn’t be.

double edit: I got bored and googled it, turns out, well idk, I went to a bunch of forums and everyone was arguing with each other.


Needs more wing.


I dont like that his license plate is so crooked.


Raceland coilovers, heavy wheels with spacers, huge spoiler and what looks like a Grip Royal steering wheel…

I’d say the kid is early 20s and the car has 150-170k on it.

Fuck that.

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He’s also at TGIF.

Who the fuck eats at TGIF unless you’re a Canadian shopping or a high school student?


Not only that but probably has no improvements to chassis at all…sway bars, braces, (other than rollbar) to help. Its a shitty transit road fake drift car it seems.

And i dont mind tgif …jack daniels burger is pretty good lol but i hate canadians

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If I didn’t give a shit about what I ate I’d totally do the 10$ unlimited apps every day.


Racelands are some of the worst pieces of automobile equipment I have ever personally experienced, and my then-girlfriend-now-wife once owned a 1994 Dodge Shadow.


JD burger fo sho


Is his rear rim bent by the door?


Looks like it . Hit a curb drifting.

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Hey don’t pick on me! My expertise is in manufacturing processes lol


Forgot to mention this but earlier this week there was a pretty bad wreck between what appeared to be a pretty decent black Z32 300ZX and another vehicle on Union near the 33. Looked like the Z was possibly coming out of the delta sonic there, that area is always a mess to navigate around during rush hour. @Onyx_Z32 @1QIKZ not sure if you might know who this was?


Nope. My car no fit in Delta Sonic.


I knew it wasn’t either of you two, just didn’t know if maybe you knew who it was though. I figured you didn’t take it to delta and Josh is well beyond that at this point in his search for premiere touchless car washing facilities in WNY.


Z owners don’t care about other Z owners. We never speak to each other.