Official "sightings" thread


That’s cold.



Sad to hear another Z bites the dust… but also kinda thinking that helps the value of mine in some minor way :-"


Agreed. Kyle’s price just keeps going up every day. :slight_smile:


I saw JamesHalfPants creeping in my neighborhood…

not very



Saw a nice Holden UTE today with a 427 Supercharged badge,pulled over on transit rd,I could faintly hear the driver and he did sound aussie, lol.


Pretty sweet!


Gotta get that Dollar General.


Anyone else see the street legal dirt sprint running around Amherst? I spotted it last week and had to do a double take. Looked just like one of these:

Except it had lights, signals, license plates and barely a windscreen. I’m guessing the guy knew someone at the DMV inspection office to get it through the street legal inspection process. It didn’t even have fenders for the giant rear tires.


This would be amazing.




No, it’s real. I checked. You can tell by the wavy body which is a sign of quality and irregular panel gaps which increases ventilation


Who the hell has the ultra lowered 90s Saturn with a widebody kit from the 90s. I want to thank you for the firework show you gave us down the 33 as you bottomed out every 100 yards and sent sparks flying everywhere. Had to be a great ride for you in the city.


Guy who works/owns the water filtration place in Clarence across from Dashes must have sold his 458. There is now a red Ferrari 488 parked there. First 488 I’ve seen locally.


Saw a crazy NSX today in EA. Maybe some kind of widebody???


Is this owned by a Bueme? @steve2k1116 :gotme:


The color was like a pewter metallic …sort of. Hard to describe.

There was also a slammed, black 993 parked on Main St.


the nsx is my brothers, the 911 was mine. we were down there for my b day


Happy bday, lookin good!


Red Ferrari California T convertible on Rd 20 from OP to Hamburg Saturday afternoon. Dealer plates.


Is this @IanK on the front page of jalopnik?