Official "sightings" thread




he has two lol


Ian’s car was burnt up in a fire. Currently has no panels and a full exo cage. Oo and from what I hear a blown motor now :roll_eyes:


Pretty sure that pic was from last year


Saw a black Vette hard top speeding onto the William on ramp. Must of been @Norb_O. Anyone older and it would of been going 5 mph


Lotus 7 on 90E near the William/Walden area.


Buffalo is weird now. Saw a black 458 and what I think was a black 308 in Hamburg about a week ago. Saw a Ferrari California on the 90 Friday. Saw a Gallardo Spyder and a SLS AMG at the marina last night. There’s real cars here.


He drove it to C&C yesterday…


Yes, if you go on his FB page you will see that exact rim car package with a NY plate. The photo is old. I ended up sharing it with him but not sure if he saw the post still.


Again, this is not Ian’s car.


Shit, that is one very close resemblance then. Where is the originality then? lol


Beautiful M3, although I think I like the ‘car’ more now after the fire :slight_smile:


Orange lambo on Hopkins pulling into Dash’s plaza this afternoon.


Just got these in a txt. Check out this local beauty just towed into a shop…


[sarcasm]I don’t see what the problem is, looks great[/sarcasm]


Makes me think of the tiger stang. What happened to that thing.


That could be one of those Autobots… or maybe a Deceptacon! Careful!


Not one, but two Vettes driving around in the slop tonight. One was a newer body style and the other a 90’s era.
“Oh yeah, never seen snow. Perfectly clean”.


Haven’t posted here in forever but I’m pretty sure I just spotted @Onyx_Z32 in Hamburg! I thought I saw you walking out of The Grange and then noticed the NYSpeed sticker on the Rover. I was sitting in the drive through bank line in my winter beater B18 EF.


Haha yep that was me! I saw the car, but did’t look in to see the driver. The Grange is great spot :tup: