Official "sightings" thread


Hoping for Sunday to get the snake out!!!

I say we should do some sort of cool allen/elmwood/Hertel meet.

I can think of a lot of awesome restaurants that serve up quick food (llyod’s) but parking would be a nightmare if we all wanted to be together.


Not to mention the potholes.



Driving a lowered GTI as a daily and a Miata as a fun car…potholes.


Should just head over to Sheridan and do a Ted’s meet.


they have no parking there at all, maybe 20 cars at most, including normal patrons


Pretty sure I was behind @Scott today (I was in the Viper). He made a right on Delaware I made a left. I think it’s him because of the OH DIP license plate.


Someone rolling around in Kenmore with a FRS/BRZ/86 pulling a trailer I believe, Tuesday. Anyone on here?


I saw an old dirty RHD Skyline in Springville last week.


The 25 year rule is creepin’


Black MKIV Supra on Beach with PA plates on Monday, think it was an N/A model.


White Ferrari 599 in Orchard Park today. :man_firefighter:


New red NSX on Maple Wednesday afternoon around 4.


Saw a wrapped 350z today. Some kind of matte red/pink


Flexing in OP with temp-tags:


Spotted the FRS with trailer again in Kenmore. Has to be a track day/autox car as they trailer tires. Anyone on here?


On the 90 this afternoon. FMIC, not totally fucked up :+1:


Is that the same one that comes to cars and coffee?


It looks like it for sure!

Anyone know the haggard VW Jetta with flares and euro stuff all over it? He wanted to play on the 33 the other day


think this dude works in my building if its the same car, kinda loud and has too much crap bolted onto it, its black?


That’s it!

He gave me a thumbs up and I nodded but I wasn’t interested in attending a City of Buffalo “you done messed up” meeting.