Official "sightings" thread


Hoping for Sunday to get the snake out!!!

I say we should do some sort of cool allen/elmwood/Hertel meet.

I can think of a lot of awesome restaurants that serve up quick food (llyod’s) but parking would be a nightmare if we all wanted to be together.


Not to mention the potholes.



Driving a lowered GTI as a daily and a Miata as a fun car…potholes.


Should just head over to Sheridan and do a Ted’s meet.


they have no parking there at all, maybe 20 cars at most, including normal patrons


Pretty sure I was behind @Scott today (I was in the Viper). He made a right on Delaware I made a left. I think it’s him because of the OH DIP license plate.


Someone rolling around in Kenmore with a FRS/BRZ/86 pulling a trailer I believe, Tuesday. Anyone on here?


I saw an old dirty RHD Skyline in Springville last week.


The 25 year rule is creepin’


Black MKIV Supra on Beach with PA plates on Monday, think it was an N/A model.


White Ferrari 599 in Orchard Park today. :man_firefighter:


New red NSX on Maple Wednesday afternoon around 4.


Saw a wrapped 350z today. Some kind of matte red/pink


Flexing in OP with temp-tags:


Spotted the FRS with trailer again in Kenmore. Has to be a track day/autox car as they trailer tires. Anyone on here?