official: where's george thread

i am just wondering who else is tracking where their dollar bills have gone. it is kinda cool to see where they have been.

Oh this is hilarious man! Great link, I can’t wait to spend all day tomorrow doing this :tup:

I’ll be the first in saying I hope my bills somehow end up in a strippers vag, and i’ll be the first to say I hope it’s followed up by “vaginalplasty”


no problem it is kinda fun see where your money goes after you had it though

eww welcome to 1999

hey don’t hate we just got rid of dial-up this year so i have not had a chance to experience the whole web, forgive me

yea this site has been around a LONG time, but its still quasi entertaining.

oh, and welcome to the internets

thanks for welcome me to the true internets
and the internet is for porn! lol classic right there

What’s a dollar?

wait people still use paper money?

people still use money?

Technically speaking…money isn’t paper…its cloth.

to be more procise it is the stuff that the people at Levi’s don’t use