Offroad Meet: 11-18-07 Sunday 3pm


Meet at Southgate Plaza at 3pm and then we’ll head to the spot.

im not gunna be able to make 3… i forgot im going to Toronto tomorrow for importfest!!!

i dont have my internet my modem took a shit. waiting for verizon to send me a new one. so call me 578-4405 i will definetly go.


ughh im not sure if ill make it or not. i guess we’ll see

id go if i had a truck…and wasn’t busy.

bump, 1 hour, 3pm at southgate lets gooo

did you guys go? i didnt get a phone call so did not know if you guys where still goen.

anyone up for monday nightish?

My father and I went.We got our trucks stuck and my dad lost his license plate and lower valance off of his S-10.

how’d you get un-stuck?

the only way me and bill got out so easily was my winch. without that it woulda been a pain in the ass

so anyone up for a ride tomorrow?

Well I was rocking it pretty good in my Toyota.I thought I was going to be able to pull myself out a couple of times.But I eventually gave up when I dug myself deeper.Matter was there with his brother and they pulled us

My father damn near made it out with his S10 4x4 non ZR2.The ground clearance on this S10 was no better than a stock S10 blazer you see everyday.I was impressed with the little truck.It got through 99% of the mud pit before it was truly stuck.

where were you’s tryin to get threw?

me and bill easily made it threw to the left( along the woods) but the center got me and the right got bill.

my pumpkin got snagged on a high spot and stopped me dead

I went on the left and my dad on the right through the main part of the water.I was doing ok but I went too far left and buried my passeger side wheels.I am sure if I would have stayed in the ruts that were already there I would have made it across.

My father who went on the right made it all the way across untill hey got to the last few feet and he just sank.But he almost had himself out a few times.His truck went from being red to a muddy brown.The rooster tails coming off the wheels were quite a sight.Thankfully Matter and his brother were there to save our

I think we both could have gotton out eventually if we would have keep working at rocking the trucks.But it would have taken forever.I would like to go again.Mud FTW!

haha it was fun, my brother had to go through the mud and pull em out on the other side.

Poor little S10, he almost made it tho I have to say.

After you guys left, I took a shot at the middle one. Oh man, it was deep, the water was over my 32" stockers

How did you do?Did you make it???I didn’t even want to try the middle.It was all water from what I could see.

Yea, I got stuck two weeks ago trying to get to the otherside to get someone unstuck on the right… I took the left and got 7/8 through until my axles were burried and my tires were in the air… 4 hours later, we finnaly got pulled out with enough tow rope…

no I didnt make it through the middle. It was deep, started soakin through my doors.

Whois ready for next week? saturday at 3? Ill make a post in a bit.

im ready

i know no shit