So who here does like serious offroading? it looks like something I would eventualy like to get into. I really cant decide on weather to make my car fast, or build a 4x4. fast cars are sweet, but muddin and shit looks badass too.

its a lot of fun, never owned a 4x4 truck, but ridden along many times. /… there ya go a cheap toy to destroy in the mud,

im not by any means hardcore into it… but i do take mine off as often as possible… u want a ride along sometime lemme know- ill pretend to get stuck in a pit and make u get out and push :wink: its definatly a good time tho! one of the groups from around here usually does runs pretty frequently down in bradford pa- about an hour and a half away. bring the beer and ill try not to spill it for ya… :slight_smile:

you know whats up jeg. most people don’t drive like me when they go mudding… more technique for most… I’m all about the gas pedal.

Mudders unite!

these are my guys

Why is this in motorsports? Moved to Gen Auto.