One slow Audi

Audi S3 Quattro:

Stock ECU (with APR programming)
Stage III kit
Bigger turbo hybrid Garret (more details will follow)
External wastegate
Different pistons
Different rods
Headwork (porting)
Schrick special order cams
Schrick solid lifters
APR Motorsport intake manifold with RS4 Throttle body

Oh…and one messed up transmission :slight_smile:

Car made on 104 octane @ 26PSI 501WHP,

now thats cool. i dont like apr much, but they put together a pretty solid car. and the fact they are coming out tuning the fsi is even cooler. i love the a3, so glad audi brought it over. it almost makes up for dropping the ball with the rs4…of course thats IMO

so whats it make on pump.

i hate seeing race gas dyno numbers. no one runs drives around race gas all the time.
my guess is low 400s.