Or Nearly Free: Mostly Home Stuff, Misc Stuff Too

I have a bunch of items laying around my house that I removed or replaced when I moved in. All of it is practically new, lightly used. And some miscellaneous items I just don’t need.

I have pictures, but I’m going to add them later and use this thread to start a list:

Two (2) White Kohler elongated bowl toilet seats with quick detach hardware - $5 Each
Two (2) Faucets, brushed nickle color - $5 Each - These: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Glacier-Bay-Constructor-4-in-Centerset-2-Handle-Low-Arc-Bathroom-Faucet-in-Brushed-Nickel-7032E-B6104/202043766
Three (3) door lock sets with keys & deadbolts - $5 per set
Two (2) tan / bone colored, round bowel toilets - $10 Each - These are PROBABLY them (1.6 GPF): http://www.americanstandard-us.com/toilets/Cadet-Round-Front-Toilet-732/
One (1) wax toilet bowl gasket - FREE
Two (2) Mailboxes - FREE - These are the exact ones: http://www.lowes.com/pd_34980-1622-LBW110B04_1z0vita__?productId=3166577&pl=1&Ntt=mailbox
Two (3) Shower Heads - FREE - No labels on them.
One (1) Nearly full 10lb bag of grout - FREE- TEC pearl color This is what the bag looks like: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/56/38/e7/5638e717f4ddd64a82e981905860d6ee.jpg
One (1) 27fl.oz. bottle of grout boost, only a small amount used - FREE
One (1) basic thermostat - FREE
Six (7) floor or wall vents for heat / ac - several sizes, all metal, adjustable. Let me know what size you’re looking for - FREE
Six (6) 16.4oz propane fuel tanks, filled - FREE
One (1) corded lawn trimmer - FREE - This trimmer in this thread: http://www.nyspeed.com/showthread.php?280909-Corded-Weed-Whacker-Lawn-Trimmer
SEVERAL white plastic outlet and light switch covers - FREE - let me know what you’re looking for.

I probably have more stuff I don’t need and I’ll update as I think of it. Get it before I toss it!

I’d be open to some of this stuff…will ring you later this evening…

Where were you 2-3 months ago?!?!? Just replaced most of that stuff in both units. Haha

Are there six or (7) floor or wall vents?

I will buy the faucets. Could also use the thermostat.

I will take those propane tanks and if the thermostat is still available I will take that too. Might also take a bunch more stuff as I walk through the house and figure things i need. Shoot me a text at 510-5919. My name is chris

I figured you might with the rentals.

I was just too busy to post about it, lol.

Good question actually, I’ll need to go count again!

I’ll be near your work about noon, so if you want me to bring anything today shoot me a text.

I’ll be in and out all day, I’ll let you know.

Came in here looking for an elongated toilet, maybe next time, Josh.

Actually thanks for the reminder!

I have two new Kohler white color elongated toilet seats that I’ll sell for $5 each. Includes the Kohler quick detach stuff.

I did a walk through next door and I could use white outlet covers if you still have them. Didn’t realize some of the current ones looked like shit!

Thermostat and faucets are gone. @Gus what do you need and how many? I’ll go through my box. Propane is yours @chvyrcng91 but it’s not like I can mail it so I’ll have to meet up with you.

4 - switch plates
6 - outlets
2 - combo switch/outlet

I don’t have any combo switch / outlets, but this is what I have. Also some switches and an outlet:

More stuff:

Haha yeah wouldn’t be good to mail it. Shoot me a text when you can meet up. Might also take the grout and booster off your hands

Josh I’ll take all the switches, single switch plates, outlet plates, and the one rectangular opening outlet plate (all in pure white) that you have if Gus doesn’t take them.

I’ll take these ones:http://www.nyspeed.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=35809&stc=1
And the wax toilet bowl seal

Sorry I’ve been unresponsive guys, busy few weeks here for me. I’ll get a hold of you guys soon!

Understandable. Take your time