OutLawZ are everywhere..

You all know and love his domestic thuggin ways.

Anyways he just passed our mandatory 25k triathalon and graduated from roll/dig school with honors, so id like to welcome FormulaLS1 to the crew

:rofl: :tspry:

oh jebus :tup:


Are you for serious?


good luck with that one

OMG… the good ole days

Hey Jack its blond now y0


Dont mess with him, hes an outlaw for sure

wtf??!?! :rofl:

:rofl: :biglol: :mamoru:

I wouldn’t know… I havent seen you in forever… you and your crew are too cool for me

:wtf: LOL thats funny

lol scott what movie is that from? i’ve seen it before but can’t remember for the life of me haha all i remember was it had a ton of cheesy fight scenes like that!

i think its a bruce lee movie, not sure which one though

LOL @ the gif :lol:

you guys are too much :lol:

I cannot stop laughing… The fact that sherm has this big grin on his face when he grabs this doods balls, it’s fucking priceless!!



ahahahahahahaha ohh man have him tell you the story about the chick from redlobster the other night. i thought he was gonna smack her i the face

watch out for these guys…

:gay2: … :slight_smile: