Parting out 94' Integra ls

My buddy just picked up a eg hatch. So he wants to get rid of his 94’ integra shell. Everything is there except the motor, trans,struts, and front seats. The interior is black, the exterior is grey. He wants to part it out asap. let me know what you need. I am located in Albany.

This is like the 4th teg being parted out here :lol

Frank is getting rid of his beloved teggy? Buy his parts! :number1

Yeah, he needs to get the teg out my garage. We are going to pick up matts eg this week and bring it over.

Are you still in that same garage? I thaught you were moving into Frank’s?

Yeah still there. We are in the summer. Its to cold to move my “stock” right now ;D.

Oh yeah I quit Monro :banana

hows the interior?
How much for it all?

Everything is in great shape inside. I will have to see if he wants to get rid of it. I am not to sure if he wants to swap it to the civic. Will get back to you on it.

wait… This is Franks car?

I just read hes keepin the front seats. NVM

Yes. Not to be mistaken for Stallmer’s old Integra. That thing is being molded into new Hyundais as we speak :lol

lol, stallmers old teg is long gone. I remember the back half of it sitting behind my job for 6 months after I cut it up.

Heres a quick list of parts/ prices.

Hood, has one small ding $100
Passanger door complete,mint, no door panel $75
Drivers door complete, mint, no door panel SOLD
front bumper, needs paint SOLD
94-97 headlights, good shape $75 pending
passanger fender, has one spot filled in $40
rear hatch, needs paint $80
black rear interior plastic $50 for both
rear seats, black/purple $40
Sunroof, mint works great $50
taillights $60 both pending
gas tank $75
headliner $20
Rear bumper cover, grey $50
Black door panls $50 both

Other 94-97 integra parts:

Tan dash $50
leather tan seats,d/f needs reapir, complete set F&R $60
Tan door panels $40
tan steering wheel w/ srs bag $25
stock sideskirts $20
Stock B18 air box and tube $25
B18b head complete w/ cams $100

Let me know what else you need. I have tons of integra and civic parts!!!


let me snag that pink valve cover off you !!

make me an offer

yo eric come get that eg. franks not gettin the cf duckbill. and i still need to get the struts out. in order to get it outta there u need wheels and tires too

Yea I think he wants to get it Friday. He was going to put the teg struts in it before he tows it. I have some wheels to slap on the bitch. Just get ahold of Frank to see when he wants to get the car.

Youre gonna need some big wheels for the front. That hatch has Integra Type R front brake conversion and 14"s bareley clear GSR brakes. So its gonna take 15"s to move that thing. Frank might have to buy some new rims

This brings up a good point… I hate to take the icon wheels off the rex just to tow that piece.

Bumpage for complete black interior forsale. Make offers, no front seats, carpet, steering wheel. Everything else is there.