photoshoot: *56K obliterator*

My car with the roomies. Adam’s newly acquired Evo and Joe’s S4.


hotTness, can’t wait to go out again :tspry:

edit: where is the snky ghost pic

i like the front canards on the evo

but they would look better on an mr2 :frowning:

lookin great as always :tup:

how much would a bimmer like yours run for nowadays? (assuming low mileage, great condition, etc)

Looks good :tup:

I didn’t know you were getting an Evo Adam…it looks pretty hot. pics look nice Josh!!

Wow… freakin’ hot

Nice rims btw Joe… lol

oOOH…hot pics and hot cars! :tup:

Nice pics! Josh, your car looks really sweet going down the road, I seen you on the thruway coming toward me a week or so ago, and even though I’ve seen your car before it was still like “damn!! that shit looks good” :smiley:


cool pics :tup:

:banghead: mr2 nitemares are overwith, sadly to say. i’d still be waiting for my engine, 7 months late from the original arrival date and 10 months from the original order date. i wasn’t gonna take some half assed clip that dave magically found


nice pics we need to do a photo sh00t

all those cars are fiiiiiine.

niiiiiiiice =)


thanks for txting me adam :tdown:

anyways, hot pics


Couldn’t have picked better wheels for the S4, those are perfect. I love S4s.

nice shots josh

i want a better camera :frowning:

the lighting in the pic with the fireworks is great… nice exposure on that one :tup:

Wow, awesome pics and hot cars :tup: