Photoshop- I need it back!

Hey gang I lost all the shit on my computer thanks to a sweet virus. I had loaded it from a member on UBRF and was hoping someone could hook me up or point me in the right direction. I use it a ton and really need it back! i know, but i aint paying for it!

Moved to huge nerds.

This is illegal you know… :slight_smile:

i think u can buy it from any major computer store… :stuck_out_tongue:

up yer ass skunk! I got his goddamn virus from you ya shit stain!!!

Ya I know its in the wrong forum but i was hopin someone my see it quick, the nerd corner isnt exactly the hot spot if ya catch my drift.

Anyone who has it will probably check this forum :slight_smile:

dude, use a p2p program to get your illegal shit mang.

It’s not?

and I thought I was cool…

:gotme: :confused:

i have it

all versions also

lemmie know what one u need and ill burn it for u

limewire my friend limewire

word i just lost the whole creative suite :frowning:

yea limewire will hook you up kiiid, too bad it is illegal

soo…like burning copy written DVDs isnt…having a 96-up vehicles without cats are too…who the fuck cares

ah well while were at it i also steal cable, satelite TV, music and alot of the times batteries.

tree huggers care :frowning:



i have a copy of corel photoshop / graphics suite 11 w/ serial … and im just down borden rd, 5 minutes from your wifes place, just hit me up on pm if its what ya want

I’ve got photoshop cs…I was planning on getting a haircut on friday and I could leave a copy with Tina if you’d like…let me know

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LOL…i actually just got it today :snky: