piaa dealers?

is anyone a piaa dealer here ?? i need some bright ass bulbs and foglights. I had piaa;s before and loved them. so does anyone sell them locally and have them on the shelf for 92-95 civic. And a good assortments of bright ass foglights

the car audio store in moon township has a shitload of PIAA lights. I see them at truck stores often too.

for offroad use?

:gives: I want lights so bright someone thinks Im landing a 737 in there rearview mirror.

then u want piaa! they are some crazy intense lights. pm me if u want to meet up with me at the shop in moon. i get shit for cost there or just slightly over.

um no I bought HIDs…FTW

did u get the crap glare kit or a nice retrofit projector kit?

both win for annoying :beer: