Picked up my new ride

Hopped on a 6am flight to Atlanta Friday. 2015 Audi S5 cabriolet, 20k miles, CPO, sports diff, tech package, rotor wheels, Bang Olufsen stereo and carbon atlas inlays.

Got to Audi Atlanta by 9am and they had the car all ready to go with a GA temp tag. Presented me a little red Audi box that looked like something you’d get a high end retirement watch in and inside were the two keys and a sweet Audi Atlanta keychain. Nice touch Audi Atlanta. They pulled the car up and helped me sync my phone so I could immediately have some tunes for the long drive back.

I decided to make a real car guy road trip out of it and hit up Cherohala Skyway and Tail of the Dragon. WHAT A RIDE! Obviously with a very new to me car on public roads I wasn’t pushing 10/10ths but it was still fast. At one point a Fiat 124 Abarth caught up to me so I let him pass then proceeded to nip at his back bumper for about 5 miles. This was definitely the hardest I pushed on the trip. When he pulled off at an overlook I did too and we had a good laugh. We both had to hop back in our cars quick though because both had smoke coming off the brakes and we knew it was not good to let the hot brakes sit like that. So a couple miles of very relaxed driving and happy to report the brakes are fine with no issues. Got to drive about 80% of it with the top down, had to put it for a short section because I hit a passing downpour.

Cherohala Skyway basically drops you right at the start of Tail of the Dragon so that was up next. With the rain showers on and off all morning it couldn’t have been a better time to be there. I got to drive the entire thing with the top down and there was no traffic in front of me. I pushed it taking a chance with the law and got lucky with no tickets. Got to chase a Saturn Sky Redline for several miles but eventually let him pull away because after 150 turns and only being 1/2 way through the Dragon you start to get tired. Did the rest of it at about 5/10ths and just enjoyed the scenery and buttery smooth twistys. Did end up buying a shot from killboy.com:

Made it to just north of Cincinnati Friday around 9pm and I was whooped so stayed over at a cheap hotel. Back on the road before 5am since I couldn’t get back to sleep and at home by 11am Saturday.

Now just need Northtown to finish up the warranty rust repairs on the CC so I can get it sold and free up some space in my driveway.


Looking good!!!

I’m actually dropping my car off at Northtown on Thursday to have them replace the front fenders and repair a rocker panel under VWs warranty. Super nice to have covered!

Glad you had a great drive!

I think I remember that my car shot was from killboy. I paid him the money for the full size pic because it was actually good.

The 9000x6000 untouched jpg was $6. Hard to argue with that price.

3 different photo sites got me that day but that was the only shot I really liked.


Love reading stuff like this, and the car looks great to boot. Congrats.

Nice car! I live in NC and STILL haven’t made it to the tail of the dragon.

Love that color. Not a soft top fan for any convertible but can’t argue the feeling with the top down.

So did you even test drive the car or just literally handled paper work and went on your way? I know they’re probably a reputable dealer but still, I’d want to drive the car first before anything.

Didn’t even sign, that was all done by mail. Literally hopped in and drove away.

I’d never do this on a non-CPO car. It’s a reputable dealer, I had the service history, carfax and a BUNCH of pictures of it, as well as a FaceTime call where the salesman and I went over every inch before making the deal. I really didn’t feel there was much risk at that point. It’s got a bumper to bumper warranty honored at any Audi dealer.

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That’s true, forgot the CPO part makes a big difference. That’s pretty awesome then! Auto or manual on this S5?

Auto, DSG with the steering wheel paddles. After DD’ing the 6 speed GTO for almost 8 years I’m kinda over manual daily drivers. Plus I really like the convenience of being able to swap vehicles with Jen whenever I need an SUV.

I hear ya. I switched over to an auto DD for the first time about a year and a half ago and there’s definitely a convenience to being able to take my wife’s car without leaving her stranded. But I still hate driving with it (old Toyota 4 speed auto lol).

Yeah, it definitely helped that I went from the 6 speed GTO to the VW DSG in the CC, the to this DSG in the Audi. As far as autos go these are far better than most.

Audi/VW DSG’s are pretty great. I just hope I never get sick of rowing gears, though!

Did grab a couple shitty videos while driving home. Didn’t have my windshield mount with me so had to hold the phone on the steering wheel while driving so sorry for the quality.

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Love it, but you already knew that!

Sounds great!

Yeah, I was really surprised how good the stock exhaust sounds in dynamic mode. It quiets down A LOT in comfort and auto modes.

Congrats! Awesome color choice and options list. Aside from 6 mt which you have legit reasons not to get, I’d have gotten the car just like that. Looks like a fun trip home too.


Looks nice. I really like the color, wheel choice, etc.