Opinions, Audi S5 (3.0T)


Starting to look at options for replacing my VW CC. Want a convertible and AWD so really narrows it down for me. Been lurking around over on Audizine and the 3.0T motor seems pretty reliable. Anyone have any experience with these? Looking at 2015-2017 models. Would love to find one in sepang blue.


here we go again! :tup:


I am sure you have read up on the known small issues, nothing super bad that I can recall.
If I can add anything, make sure you get one with the sports diff option ( if I recall correctly you can tell if it has it by a button next to the cd/dvd drive in the middle of the dash). Also get one with the B&O stereo, these two options are must haves in my opinion and of course being a manual trans :wink:

Good read here if you haven’t already: https://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/673319-The-Ultimate-B8-B8-5-New-Member-s-Guide-(Specs-FAQs-amp-DIYs)-Read-First!


Yeah, seen the little things. Electrical gremlins here and there, the water pump just like my 2.0T had issues with. But overall the 3.0T (funny they call it a T even though it’s supercharged not turbo) seems very solid. Definitely going to be an auto-trans though because the convenience of being able to grab the wife’s SUV at any time and have her take my car > driving a manual. Teaching her to drive stick went just about as well as teaching her to ski. Neither were ever going to happen. :slight_smile:

Will check out that link you posted.


I hear ya, If I recall correctly the newer the DSG trans the better as with most cars/manufacturers


Gear box info:


Would definitely be a gen 2 since the oldest I’d go is 2015. All kinds of info in that second link. :+1:


Sports diff and B&O sound system then.


Why not just get a “Civic”;


I don’t want that kind of money tied up in a depreciating asset like a daily driven car. I can get into a nice 2015-2017 S5 cabriolet for about half what a similar year/miles 911 Carrera 4 cabriolet costs. And honestly, that’s probably still too much money for anyone with common sense. :slight_smile:

Plus the Carrera’s back seats are basically useless and I where would I put my skis? With one of the S5 seats folded down skis aren’t an issue.


Stop making excuses for why you can’t, start making excuses for why you can. :smirk: