Pics from MacFadden's Castle

Last night a few friends and I, went out to Dansville ,NY to check out this castle. When we got there we got a little lost and climbed up this steep ass hell, and there was nothing up there. So we drove around up to a gas station and asked someone where it was. They kindly told us where it was. So we drove to the right spot this time and entered. This castle is sourned by a couple mansions
which were HUGE!. But we just skiped over those and went straight to teh castle. I must tell you this thing was HUGE , and a very cool place to check out. If your in the area id highly recmoned checking out.
More info here (this site is alil whackey)

and here are our pics

i wish they were a lil better, but i was kindof in a rush.

did you guys see the whole thing? It looks like you took 2-3 pictures of some stuff… but it didn’t seem like a castle full

we only explored about 20% of the whole place b4 we called it quits, were going back there when we have more time . the time we found the place it was almost 5 am so we had to be quick b4 th esun rised.

looks pretty cool

Scroll down a little bit if your interested in the history. Oh and the guy who bought the place is from buffalo and he payed $45,000 so chris you could of bought it.

the 41 acres alone is worth that.

I want to buy it and use it as my brothel.

This Place is Frickan Huge, Plus it is totally still steardy it is made of Concrete and Steal so you aint faling through nothing, we went up about 4 floors and it looks like the stairs stop but from the outside it looks like there are 2 more floors(Were thinking that it was for VIP, so only the elevator went up there) but there has to be some emergency steps somewhere, next time we go we know exactly where it is and we can spend more time there. so if you wanna go again tell us

And DAmmit JAy i should have bought it now im Pissed Off lol :shoot:

Why are the lights on in that place at 5am? Did it still have some power going to it?

it has temporary power read slowtalons post and click his link someone bought it so there doing something there (cleaning it up )

ha… there’re things like that in NY- never knew. how long a drive was it to get there?

About an hour but i know a faster way now so prolly 45 min not bad at all but its SWeet

yea there cleaning it or soeting inside

im figuring if we go during the day sometime we can bring some timmy hoes to the construction guys there and have them give us a tour, they would know where everything is.

i actually think that there is no consturtion crew and its just a few friends of the owner cleaning the place up

Dos Dos Dos, you gotta be more observant. There is def qa crew there the ladders are painted with the companys name. Also if it was the owners friends they wouldnt be taping off areas like they were. The guys doing the work know OSHA guidelines and are following them for the most part.

Dos there has to be a crew there may be a small crew but there is def a crewya hurr lol

i dought it

i cant imagine the tax bill…