Pineview Run, Lafayette NY


Private track, just over 2 hour drive from Buffalo.

But bronze doesn’t seem that bad, $500 for 10 days = $50 a day, unless I’m missing something…

I guess it would be $1000 per year ($2500 / 5 years + $500 per year) = $100 per day.

Actually being paved, unlike CNY.


Members only track in Syracuse?


watching this to see how it goes. It’s about 2 hours from Rochester… so a little further for you Buffalo folk


…but annual fees are waived if you pay in full by Sept 30th.

Worth the risk, $2500 for 50 track days = 30 peak, 20 non-peak?

Or, maybe I can take my Elio there?


I don’t mind that drive at all. I’d think it’s about the same time from A to B as it is for me to Watkins Glen.


Went there yesterday for an auto-x with CNY.

It was like Batavia, on steroids. Not my car, video doesn’t do the elevation change justice.

I think they are hosting their own time trail next weekend (without cones).


This video is better from their website. Looks great!


That does look like a fun track.


Buddy of mine is going with BMW dudes in a month, I was looking at this and it looks sweet.


Looks like a neat little track, definitely would like to check it out.

This seems like a decent deal


Yeah I’d like to try it after watching some videos.

They’re calling themselves a “Country Club” but I can’t even tell if they have permanent bathroom facilities…

Wait, found this. Still in the works:


That is the only type of country club I would consider joining


They do have one of those fancy flush type toilets, but they encourage everyone to use the “outside plumbing”.


Yep same. My buddy went a month or two ago, said it was pretty sendy. Not too many people have been there as many lap records were set by the group he was with.