Please, for the love of God, I know this is Off Topic but...

Try to keep posts ON TOPIC…


the other day i bought a jetski.
my car has 4 wheels.
i should be a mod.
et cetera.

anyone have a header for a ka24e ? PM me

i love lamp

i love head…

you’re all jackasses…except mike…:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god…I thought this was a Skunk free zone…ugh



its sunny out today :smiley:

can i be a mod too? haha

bewbiez mod, rofl

eeew, my chettos are stale

i have 8 flat pannels on my deak :slight_smile:

on your DEAK?

JOn…you suck at using the keyboard

im not evne sure what topic we are suposed to be staying on ??

everyone is going to get banned today be me…roflmao

i dont even know what “on topic” means

yea…good luck with that…u can’t get rid of me…MUHHAHAHAHAHAH

where’s the excitement in on topic off topic?!