Plow Guy Recommendations

Not for me, for my parents. They’re in Cheektowaga.

I’ve heard there basically isn’t plow guys doing it anymore. I was looking for a family friend in Blasdell…

My dad is in Lancaster and has a landscaping company mow in the summer. I think they can plow in the winter, but he doesn’t use them because it’s too expensive.


Jay’s does my neighbor’s driveway (no affiliation). Seems to do a good job. No idea if they go to Cheektowaga though.

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Thanks, I’ll pass along the info.

On a more plowsitive note I just snagged a plow for a clean Silverado I have coming from Nc lol.

There was a Bobcat mini with a blower on it in a Walmart parking lot and I thought that would be amazing for home… But it’s like $45k :melting_face:

I upgraded to an Ariens deluxe 28 this year. Picked it up in Skaneateles for a steal of $600 coming back from visiting family up north (so only took me about 20 minutes out my way). Turned around and sold my old MTD for $400. So basically this whole deal was like a sore dick… can’t beat it.