poor princess..


"Sylvia Jones says Princess wouldn’t eat or play anymore after the attack. “She (Princess) couldn’t even sit down, her bottom was swollen sore.”

That is one seriously screwed up kid…he needs to be locked up!!


wow that guy needs to not be alive…

I am genuinly disgusted. Rape charges no different from if it had been a human should be placed on this fuck.

Now that I think of it, murder can be worked in there too.

well yeah… it says he molested a 3 year old girl and raped another 13 year old even before he got to the dog, so I’m sure there will be some pretty hefty penalties for this loser. maybe he’ll get some jail time and see how it feels to be screwed by a sexual predator.

his punishment should be that he is forced to MJ’s personal friend

URL NOT FOUND :frowning:

wow adam…ur not good at linking


look at the origional post date. its 2 1/2 years old!

:tup: you are a bright one…


lol…thanks!!! cpt obvious

wtf link no worky

maybe ill rape you in the ass for sucking at linking