----Post Picz Of Your Room----

Almost done with my room. Paint(Ralph Lauren Suede),New Dresser from IKEA,Glass computer desk,blueLamp.tiki bubble light,new celing track light and new computer is on its way along with black blinds. i figure i spend alot of time in my room so why not make it look nice. tv is sony 34’widescreen HD with full sourround sound. when putting everything togther i made everything neat as possible with the wires.

Here is the pics.


Damn… nice room

And if I ever clean my room I’ll take pics

track lighting is for the gays…j/k…kind of

nice set up bro

i’ll tack pics at some point…maybe tomorrow

DAMN thats a pimp room… u get alot of ass dont you?

leather sofa for easy cleanup, I assume.

Unless he gives haircuts or something…

edit: you get to only see half. I took this picture awhile ago. And yes that poster is crooked.

still livin with the moms i’m guessing?

Shit I have it too good to leave :slight_smile:

wow that suede paint looks pretty good… what do you think of it?

i’ll post my setup in a bit, i spent a whole summer redoing it…
new doors, new locks, new paint, replaced pink carpet with “wood” floor and custom carpet. replaced old 25" tv with 32" sony hdtv, curtains, and just moved stuff around

too bad i’m moving to a much smaller place in a month

lol dident look like this when i was single. My girlfriend(GTPWaNNaBe) actually helped me with all of it. but i got laid more from her since then :lol:

just my dad and hes only here once a week if that. i basically maintaint the house and will be purchasing the house in about a year and a half :slight_smile:



view into bedroom


accessories not pictured include
new couch to left of desk
2 cats
fish tank with 1 aggressive cichlid that i’ve had for 4 years
bar in progress
hd/dvr cable box
wall unit with hundreds of books/magazines/duckies :slight_smile:
dresser, recliner, huge closet, custom carpet in bedroom
bathroom in green color scheme with duckie/transparent shower curtain (yeah yeah i know)
and what passes for a “kitchen”… some cupboards, sink, etc that i haven’t really done anything to

im really liking that paint, and we were gonna do it in my room, damnit i wish i did…and like nichole said…if i ever clean my room…ill take pics

WTF… I miss my appt… where my bedroom was massive and I had AC.

duck those black throw pillows and such are from Ikea right? I have that stuff in my room too

This is the only pic I have of my bedroom

Holy shiet brian, your room is freakin P I M P

See, I don’t own a house, nor do i live at a place where I plan on staying for more than a year, so I don’t bother with cool furniture

the room is alright, pretty chaunce and gloss but you have overlooked some logistics. It’s easy to hate on someone whos got so much.

After further review… I see you are missing the rear channels and have everything in the front… that will seriously fuck up your listening experience.

I will get pics of my room up today I think,.

ya im still waiting on my brother in law 2 get me 2 speaker stand so i can put the rears up :(. been a good month now and that faggor has not come through

yep… i have an ikea near me and i monopolize on that fact :slight_smile:
the rug/curtains and most of the pillows.
also those dvd stands, and the desk… and my dresser in my room… on and on…