Post the Most Recent picture of your car (PICS ONLY)


Thank you!


Heres my 1UZ v8 89 coupe. Finished the swap recently, next is appearance




^interesting swap, do you have a build thread somewhere?


Southwood road - it’s in muskoka, lots of curves and nice scenery


it is very nice , went up there last week and only kept thinking, wish I had my car with me.



Seriously Man, how are many sets of rims and cars do you have??? LOL


Hes selling that for my buddy andrew.



Martino, stop posting in here, your car belongs in the Inspiration pics thread! lol

too lazy to resize. sorry guys


Those z rims fit pretty well with the look of the car I think… are you using spacers?


Nice blinders (headlights)… :stuck_out_tongue: Looking at your car gives me a headache.


Hey man my buddy and i were talking to you at shanny there, remember us? couple young fags that were drooling over the 1uz lol. Looks good man, sweet ride. Lots of nice cars in here.


25mm on the back. none on the front but planning on putting 25mm in the front as well

lol I think its just the angle of the shot. I was on my knee on the middle of the road loll but other wise, the lights have a nice cut off.

my fog lights on the other hands…they are a whole other story lol



Buy my wheels! Or partial trade for some vsxx or other 19s!


^Looks sweet is that thing for sale?


Just the wheels :slight_smile:


after countless hours of sanding…got em painted by my body shop