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Molsen center right? I was at the last two


Yeah just learned last month this happens there, stupid cheap fun, you must have the white 180sx? Are you going this Sunday?

#9425 89 ca18det coupe

Keep her sideways stupid


not a 240sx but yea Nismo 350z mirrors 4433 by JJL_, on Flickr


My grandfather is getting more action than this forum lately.


Jump back 2 pages and its a year ago… not sure what’s happened here.


It’s because all the goons have moved to the facebook SON group.


Almost spat OJ all over my MBP…

…thanks :slight_smile:


not mine, but it’s stuck in my driveway! mines under the cover :frowning:



^^ New project? Or did some kids strip it down for parts int he middle of the night? lol


Haha! No that would be my old shell that was just too rotted for my liking lol couldn’t justify building my SR and putting it back into that so ill be transferring everything from that car to another minty s13 shell!


beyond fixing, or just not worth the time?


Both lol more so the lack of rear end and non existing rockers aha not to mention the gaping holes in the front strut towers!! it had its day, I’m just lucky to have a fresh shell to play with now :slight_smile:


like I’ve said before, every chassis is worth saving!

#9438 The love of my life :wink: my ruggedPanda


attempting SON revival


il contribute to this…

polished and buffed see the difference in those headlights!