Post Your Best Photochops Here!

maybe make this a sticky since we will have alot of posts probably…

this is one i just made out of boredom… will make another one tomorrow due to the lighting in my room blows balls…
and no thats not a part of my arm missing it is a white shirt…

Call me old fashion but I don’t photochop. But I had to compliment you on ur picture here… Nice!

photochop me telling you on that computer how gay you look

hahaha…these requests always get flamed…lol

hey look its my computer that you still owe me money for :rant:

Come on put some effort in

EMX and myself back in college

I love how you are peeing by the wall :stuck_out_tongue:

some of my good ones:


My Multiplicity (MHill and I):

tee hee hee


can someone host a pic?

hey retard you can upload them…


dude that one with the wrz hatch looks AMAZING…i love hatch’s
you should like send that to subaru that shit would be awesome if they made 'em

just something i whipped up as a background … simple lowering job

how do you make it so that it looks lower? i cannot figure that out i tried and tried and tried… still no luck

well here are a few more of me

if it wasn’t 30 pictures of you, it’d be cooler.


concept 4g eclipse on the bumpstops

and then a conceptual view of the cab lengthening / chop / windsheild rake /windor frame removal i was going to do on the 68 chevy truck i had (using web pictures)

done as a 3/4 view

side view b4 before
side view b4 after

the 2nd one of your truck is sloppy. You can still see 1/2 the fence post.

that eclipse is pimpin though

yea, wasnt supposed to be neat when i did it, it as just for trying out the look, and wasnt realy ment for public viewng