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jEeep is really nice and clean.


x2 :cool:


Thanks … I put pictures of the truck up too, but I think there on the page before



Just a couple newer pics of the GP.

This one is the April pic for the 08 ClubGP calendar.

Couple pics from an event at NorthPark

Exhaust of the worst sounding GM engine ever made…


VictorSmalls = Best looking GP i’ve seen


I was just about to say that. Without a doubt the nicest looking one. I used to see it all the time when i worked in bloomfield.:boink


My latest pic



Thanks guys. I just hate the winter time and looking at it running on steel wheels.

With 94k on the ticker its starting to show its age a little. Still runs like new though.


Yea winter does suck. I saw u cruising down 28 awhile back. I noticed the hids then i saw the steelies.


Your car is looking great as well. I’m looking forward to seeing you at a show or 2 this year. Maybe I will realize its you this time. lol


Damn Rob. Love the stang every time i see it haha. It’s gorgeous! Hopefully I come to the show to see it. I’ve heard it enough lol.


x1000 … I love that GP … Super Sharp.

Rob, Awesome looking gt as well


the GP looks great in tis pic…


Dave’s GP is the reason I see one in my future.


Damn, thanks guys.

I would get another one considering this one has been no problems. Maybe a GXP next time, but who knows.


My girlfriends mom has a 07 gxp. Really nice car, and they run really good. Suprised me how well they run! Props for a sick car tho man … I really like it!






Finally got to post it in here. Wish I was driving it instead of looking at it on the computer