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My mom used to have an '82 Fleetwood that her dad bought new - White/White padded top/White leather interior. I think it had 240k miles when my dad finally junked it. He sold the motor (HT4100 junk) to a guy with a seville & he ran it another 40k or so before selling it.


few pics…


HA HA my Caddy can do that … I WISH


Mine can i just need someone to take pics !




What do they call that hood ??? I think its growing on me.


ultra Z hood

i really like it…plus its more functional then a SS hood IMO


Eric will like this. This is the only time I might get a chance to post in this thread other than to say “boy nice car mine sure does suck”. But my autocross civic is being inspected and I have this for 3 days as a rental lol.

Car will be for sale soon if a 6-speed vert tickles anyones fancy.


Pics from the memorial day weekend @ my cabin in Kennerdell PA


nice pics


very nice


Thanks guys!


Yea def nice pics and those wheels look good on your car.


Car looks good. I have a camp up in Pleasantville and have a friend who lives in Kennerdell.


awesome my camp is right down the road on the right!!!


A couple new pics


looks great Rob


Damn Rob, looks good…


Here’s my '65 Dodge…

My '72 Dodge…

And my '82 Plymouth…


no pics only vid