FS: Buffalo Sabres Ice Bowl Tickets Section 200


i hear ya, just trying to get the tickets out to some local guys i dont care either way because we got 10 tickets all together and the other 8 are taken.:loopie:


damn you andy… damn you

i tried and tried to get tickets but i got shut down at 1001!!!


i should sell my 90.00 tickets on ebay, id make a killing i bet.


Ha i got 3 of them… just to let anyone know. dont buy any tickets until after christmas and before new years, for the people who bought 25 plus tickets its sucks to be them. no one is going to pay that much for them


my bro got thru with no problem i would have had him by 10 more but i was at work, im bring brett


agreed. 74000 tickets, i’ll buy mine when all this settles down. These 1000 tickets online will never sell.


are you retarted, nevermind dont answer that, if the sabres or penguins are doing good, the price of tickets will go up even more.


Agreed, I think the value of these tickets will increase during the holiday season, but we will see…


WE SHALL SEE :rubicant:


Shocked nobody said “WRONG SECTION”… on topic, see my post in OT Official Ice Bowl Thread (post 119 I think)


he doesnt even have tickets he just wants to look cool:touchy:

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this is fucking retarded. i hope the people that bought 10 or more just to try to make a quick buck get the worst karma.

The Annual "Who do you want for next season" Thread

they say skelpers bought like 100+

The Annual "Who do you want for next season" Thread
The Annual "Who do you want for next season" Thread

on the radio people were buying like 125


karmas a bitch


someone I know bought 25, and turned around, threw them on ebay and sold half of them for a 1400 profit. Not bad for 10 minutes of your time.


I think the icebowl’s a cool idea. However, I think its going to be a big flop. this whole things been set up on the momentum of the team’s last two years. I hope im wrong, but i see the team not doing as well as they have this year, and i imagine that by the time january comes around, people arent going to be as jazzed up about it as they are now. again, i hope im wrong, and i hope the sabres take the cup, but all i can say is, good luck to everybody who bought a bunch of tix, i hope you get you get back what you spent… GO SABRES!!

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regardless of how we do, its an outdoor game. in a great location in the continent.

in regards to the sabres, we lost drury and briere. we have the same defense as before. we have stafford, who I think will make a BIG impact in the NHL. we also picked up paetsch, but lost teppo (for now). teppo was solid, didnt make mistakes, but also didnt take any risks. paetch is obv a very different player, he’s more offensive, like say soupy or tallinder (or at least the way tallinder used to play). we still have the same goaltending too. not to mention the added pressure on vanek and roy to justify their paycheck. oh, and ruff’s force on maxim to make him more consistent.

I’m really looking forward to this season.

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haha, i got my tickets, i cant wait, i wouldnt sell these for profits, but i thought about buying a couple more, should have, but oh well, i just want to go to the game… GO SABRES

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i got it all worked out, i may be able to work security for the game inside the stadium. i would miss parts but i would get paid to be there. thats if i cant get tickets at a reasonable price ofcourse.