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The car looks good in pic 4 and 5. It looks funny in all the other ones. :smiley:


I think your tripod is missing a leg, or did you actually mean to take a crooked pic like that?


I got the car running better now and fixed a few other things. Drove it out to the Starlight cruise last week to put some miles on it. I was surprised to see a few other turbo Regal’s there.


Very nice^ still is a sleeper, i don’t care what anyone says.

hood ordament definitley says grandma’s car :beer:


Thanks, the Limited’s with the chrome package, bench seat and column shifter would be a great sleeper. :bigthumb:


chrome package looks :greddy2: had it on my 81 non turbo regal


I dont know if you came this past friday… If not, you missed out… The featured car was Buick/Caddy/Olds… they were putting them all in the featured rows and they had tons of regals.


Front of the goat finally dropped! So happy now.


not nearly as nice as most cars on here or as fast.

Shot with LG-VX8350 at 2008-09-03

Shot with LG-VX8350 at 2008-09-
Shot with LG-VX8350 at 2008-09-03


god i love 3rd gens


Your turd-gen is mucho sexy.


seen it going apass grille 31 today,looks good


looks good the turd gens have been growing on me


2000 Z-28
SLP Loudmouth exhaust
Hooker longtubes
Richmond 373s
Ported 02SS Throttle Body
LS6 Intake
2200 Vette Stall
a few other things

1983 Z-28 which is now for sale :smiley:
305ci TBI
Holley 650 Carb
Performer Intake
Flowmaster 80 True Duals
Hooker Headers
Subframe Connectors
BM Megashifter
1850 Stall


nice look camaros :cool:


I guess I can post pics of my GTO since it is pretty much finished…

1966 Pontiac GTO
60,000 original miles
Montero Red/Black Interior
stock 389ci w/Tri Power
Muncie Wide ratio 4spd
Upgraded to Power Disc front brakes
Complete frame-off restoration w/painted & detailed undercarriage, complete new interior, rebuilt motor/tranny/diff, etc.



hey tod why the n.carolina front plate. just something oldschool or is it an original n/c car? and the 6grrrrs looks like that should be on the truck because of the 6 gearrrrs


That GTO looks great
not many people have the original 389 with the tri power. i know of alot that have the 400 4 bbl

i need to take better pictures of my vette


Saw it in the parking lot a week or so ago. Looks good.


not bad for a 15+ year old re paint