~Post your Domestic~


I guess I can post these up since I have yet to put them on. But I have had them both for a few months.

2000 SS With some goodies.

And My Avalanche towing my old WS6


^ both very cool


Original NC car.

The 6 Grrrs was on my 2004 GTO (6 Speed). I decided that the 6 = 66 now.


400 came out in '67 GTO. '64,'65, & '66 GTOs all came with a 389 4bbl, or 389 w/3x2 bbls. Mine just happens to be an original 3x2 car.


what i meant was many people at shows ive been at say their’s was an original tri power car but someone swapped motors in the past. is your engine original or rebuild to factory specs or ?


It’s an original '66 motor, but not a tripower motor. It is rebuilt to '66 tripower specs (only difference is the cam, intake, carbs & 2 digit code on front of block). 4bbl motor was 335 hp in '66. 3x2 was 360hp.


Foxrus nice SS man, is that your TA on the back of the trailer too?


Yeah the Ta Was mine too!


HOLY CHIT THATS MY OLD CAMARO! How much are you asking?

2004 GTO:
SLP Long Tubes, SLP Catted Mids, Stolen Fox H-Pipe, Spintech’s, K&N Drop in, LSS, 18" Staggered CSL’s, '06 Tails, '06 Rear Bumper, Drag Bags, Spoiler Delete, Tint.



What up James, thats a nice goat man. You know its a good car alot better then when you left it haha. 3500 is what im asking it would be gone at 2500 b/c i need cash to pay off the new tranny in the 2000 z28 haha. I donno if it dont sell i might turn it into a drag car ive basically rebuilt the suspension and drivetrain/tranny to handle a big motor which is what i was planning on doing until i got the ls1.


Cool. Goodluck with the sale man. I would take it off your hands if it wasn’t an auto and I didn’t need a new truck for winter.


Looks good, James. I haven’t heard the new exhaust setup yet…


Ya. I’ve done a couple little things as well. Plus I just swapped catbacks with matt. You’ll definately have to hear it. It sounds awsome! Let me know when your in town man.


my 72 buick skylark…350 sbb with th350…112k on bottom about 4.5k on mild topend…currently down to bottom end knocking… collecting parts for forged performance rebuild and twinturbo setup…possibly th400 or 2004r swap …and new paint with gsx theme
my jointly owned (brothers)73 ford maverick currently has a low mi 250 i6 and c4…collecting parts for 302 swap
intentions to also do front disc conversion,small front bumper conversion, buckets, front/rear spoiler,hood scoop, and grabber stencil kit…oh and bobcat tail lights


every day i regret not spending a few more grand to get that SS M6 camaro i was looking at before i bought my 2000 z28 lol. James where you been living nowadays still in slippery rock? And i see your out of the army? Why dont you pick up a paintball gun sometime again haha gawd damn.


Ya, I actually got hurt during airborne training. I’ve got a house in Butler right now, but my lease is up at the end of the year so who knows where i’ll be living. I’ve wanted to pick up a gun so bad, but I know i’ll get addicted again. Then I will have absolutely NO money haha.


yeah ya will haha


Here’s a pic from a bunch that I took today… Some came out ok, but my camera sucks and so do my skills.



i had a maverick grabber when i was 17 it was all black with crager ss wheels and a hood scoop similar to the stinger hoods for new camaros. i havent seen one in years so youll have to give updates fromm time to time.


My 99 Grand Prix GTP


my 2000 cadillac eldorado ETC ‘gold package’