Post Your Import


i think this works, still trying to figure how to upload.

edit: it doesn’t. how can i upload pics from photobucket?? i’ve got an evo and mg to share with you guys!


just copy the IMG code from photobucket and past it…they give u the correct link to post on forums…its to the right of the picture


My new DD



got it to work, posting more (my dad has the yellow mgb, rest are friends)

some autoX:

Explore Colin G


98 b16 ek with 99 si front end conversion next to my buddys slooooow base rsx


Awesome brick Walt! How about dropping an LSx into it? :slight_smile:



that would be nice, but I’m going to wear out the b21ft before I think about swapping anything



My DD:

Lately it’s been taking a beating from the city of pittsburgh’s wonderful street maintenance…

Full 3" catless TBE
Ported/jet coated o2 housing
755 walbro
hks 272i/e cams
dyno tune


Well got rid of my turbo civic

And bought this import

Purchasing some skids and sliders over the next couple days. Hopefully lifted and new tires soon as well.



New S4


Sweet, another B5 S4. Looks like a 2001.5 or 2002. What brakes do I see on there? Look like Brembos.


mmmmm S4


I finally broke down, and got a MS3


Love it! Got any upgrades planned?


Bangin’ Walt. I suppose that means you gotta pile 'o 4 x 100’s to donate to me eh?


Love it! Got any upgrades planned?

my first is weight reduction .that mazdaspeed valve cover jewelery is surprisingly heavy:nuts: I’m mostly keeping it stock except I may get 17" wheels when these tires wear out

Bangin’ Walt. I suppose that means you gotta pile 'o 4 x 100’s to donate to me eh?

sorry steve, unless your in the market for se-r parts I got nothing