post your latest purchase


bored. figured this may be a fun thread.

picked this badboy up at sams today for $130


last thing i bought was a beer at the boat show


Last thing I bought was a Quarter Pounder. I can take pics later if anyone reaaaallly wants…



Got a raise so I decided it was time for a new ride.


This was my latest car realated purchace.

Integra type-arrrr Crank


4 sixpacks of propel
1 sixpack of yoohoo :yum:
pack of smokes
4lbs of monkey bar wings :yum:


nice G35


Thanks, time for some upgrades!


things bought today include. pack of smokes, food at olive garden, new sport compact car mag and gas!!! woohoo



Some groceries… Frozen Pizza, big bottle of V8 Juice, Bag of SK oranges, Chips Ahoy Cookies, and some S&V potato chips.


Um…food…from mcdonalds…being skinny ftw


My most recent purchase. PM9 (Malkin/St. Louis) curve, 77 Flex cut down to be 92 flex. Lite Stick’Um


last major purchase was a 32 GB thumb drive from


holy shit 32g how much did that run you?


$224.99 from their site


yeah I can’t wait it should be here real soon


im just waiting for someone to post in here some tranny hooker


My latest purchase was earlier today:

Haven’t taken any pictures with it yet though, still reading the manual/novel

I love tax time




I dare you to google image search mountain dew