Post a PIC of your latest purchase.


Yes, this means you have to spend your next valuable 10 seconds of your time to go to, click “pictures” and type in the name of your item, but if we can do it, you can do it too. :nod

Post a picture of your latest purchase item, or two if you so desire, or the most recent noteworthy item.

Codeblue, I think I’m going to set a limit for you, you buy too much cool stuff :lol

*Not that big, but I did get a loan :ninja


I bought a timeshare.


“Post a PIC of your latest purchase” :headbang




Kind of small pic but ;D :mwahaha :banana



I got that purp, idk if you into the high class shit :runaway ;D :tong


bitch i drive a bmw




Obviously don’t know where to invest your money :shifty :rofl :haha


Says the guy with a 5k motor stuffed in a 1k chassis :haha


dude how the shit do you have 2k posts?! :rofl


I could not answer that, as i do not know myself :rofl






its tiny, but the only pic i could find online really…

us chemicals thin ice= sweet ass polyester putty.

i’m using this to finish off this guys passat bumper cover i shaved. will post pics when done.


How sad is it that I can’t remember the last item I purchased - it was probably groceries on Monday, getting old sucks.