Price Reduction: Aero Lip (S13 & S14)

Hello everyone…

for pick-up only, i am reducing the price of the S13 Aero Lip and the S14 Kouki Aero Lip for the time being.

S13 Chuki Lip:

you all know what this one looks like…

$225 picked up.

S14 Kouki Lip

$220 picked up.


Chris, I can likely bring one up with the other stuff this week if you’re down

Bing, You have a pm! Lol Let me know…

people! if you don’t have this lip…GET IT. it’s friggin gangstur fo sho!

bing…i clipped it on after i was done work, beautiful. makes the front end look wayyyyyyyyyy better. Thanks again!

Sent you a PM.

got it… sold my last kouki lip the other night but i will have a couple more available this weekend.

i just picked up an order of lips and i got S14 ones by mistake, so i have a few more in stock than i like to keep.

if anyone out there is on the fence and was considering a multi-item order let me know, i can flex a few bucks on them until i get down to usual stock levels.

This may be a silly ? but wil these lips fit on the zenki front bumper

no they wont fit

Hmmmm, I could use one since my original has seen some better days. I’ll give the bank of wife a good back rub and see if I can get permission.

how much brahhh?

how much for what?

and… dude you srs?

prices are right in this thread…

i want that s13 lip. i live in brampton lol. what do i have to do to get one

those are yummy s13 lips.

drive to hamilton and pick one up.

Bing, can you get other aero?