Probe > Mini Cooper S

Out at a small nonexistant meet a few of us decided to went off to race on a particularly nice stretch of imaginary road. Wasn’t really planning on racing but I’m weak and I gave in to the urge.

So after the first race, between two others me and BadnewsMini line up and decide to go. So we line up I bring it to about 3k so the snail can start to do it’s magic. We get the 3 beeps I fall asleep at the start, and I the let the clutch slip some, instead of dumping it. Got a nice hard launch with some help from the sticky tires (vs. his shitty all-seasons), with a bit of wheel hop. Banged it into second, and kept pulling for a bit, and for a bit had about 2 cars and held it that way until about 60, hit third when he started to pull quite a bit, the lack of top-end power was really beginning to hurt as the engine began to protest. And the Mini made a valiant last minute effort, and started to catch up quickly. But alas it was too little to late, and the fancy new car gets beat by about 1/2 a car around 80 or so.

All in all a fun race, a big :tup: to Badnews for convincing me to run, fun night all in all.

great run!!!

yea I saw it, it was fun :tup:


damn, cool - is there anything you’ve done to it?

race you to the water fountain tomorrow :tspry:

If you consider high milage a mod then yes, otherwise not a thing done to it. Just pulled off a damn good launch.

Better be for slips on that lunch of yours. :snky: