Progress Pics


why can’t you ever resize pics??? :slight_smile:

Get a real screen resolution and it won’t be a problem… Sheehs… N00b!

dude im at 1280x1024 and they dont fit with out scrolling. come on ya lazy fuck

nice pics my 4g63 brother

Looking nice. Which cams did you go with?

Looking sweet!! Can’t wait to see it run.


hey, i was just wondering if your giant pics could be a little more blurry… because they are so crisp i am afraid they are damaging my monitor.

should be a sleeper

^^ seriously, what’d you take them with a camera phone???


deee essss emmm

Yeah!! You get a cookie for your excellent observation on the quality of the photographs… :roll:

camera phone rules :tup: looking good

Interesting stuff. I’m not familiar with these. Why did you decide to go with these cams? Is there something that sets them apart from a basic set like HKS?

i turned my shit up as high as it would go. i used like 8billion bit color and shit. the pics are hot hot hot!!!


i blame the operator not the equipment. he was probably wrist deep in some dude with his other hand…

Thier cam specs blow HKS out of the water. I also got a great deal on them from Mike @ Innovative so I decided to sell my Forced Performance cams to Sleepy and get these.

LOL, nice disclaimer. asshat :stuck_out_tongue:

Go smash your Jetski on the lake bed…