PSA: Initial D fans

Episode 21
Episode 22

Translated by LiveEvil.

This has been a public service announcement.


how many 4th stage episodes are there so far? someone asked me today and i realized i’ve lost track…

20 was the last one out. 21 and 22 should be available in the next week or so.

:word: 21 and 22 air on the 17th. I have 1-20 already if you’d like to catch up…

just caught up last night…had only missed 3 episodes, so it could have been worse :stuck_out_tongue:

How and where can I watch?

BitTorrent is usually your best bet. I see torrents of every season running all the time. New episodes are usually up by the next day in Japanese, English subtitles follow within a week or two, depending upon which group does the translation.

The episodes are normally Xvid encoded AVIs. Excellent quality.

My old man has every DVD so far and i think there is 3-4 episodes on each so i would say about 30-40 episodes from start to finish…you would have to ask jrex and lee as thats all they watched when we went to Orlando for PRI :slight_smile:

what kinda loser would ask that question! :rofl:

i have up to 18… they are easy to find on for torrents :tup:

otherwise use a torrent search engine(works best)
then if you want to put them on a dvd just torrent a program called DVD santa and it can rip any movie file to a dvd (works with subtitles also)



I was surprised to find Initial D seasons 1, 2, & 4 IIRC on Hulu the other day

Just by coincidence a co-worker suggested the game “FR Legends” yesterday, I’ll give it “meh, it’s good for that daily *seat time” . This morning I also found Initial D on Hulu as the kids were fighting over Mickey Mouse Club vs. Word Girl…

Word Girl won though.