PSP GO $225

Posting this for Savanna_rx7, PM him

comes with 5 games: Spiro year of the dragon, echochrome, pocket pool, rockband unplugged and grand turismo
used for about 2 hours
comes with the box and everything it comes with brand new

selling to buy a shotgun

I do believe thats 5 games… just saying.

Somebody make me an offer :wink:

::bump:: come onn it’s brandy new. Bought the thing 2 weeks ago. retails for $249.99. Gran Turismo is $40 new, spyro is $6 echochrome is $6 and it came with rockband but it’s still over $300 into this thing. Make an offerrrrrrr =] needs to go by saturday to make room for new shotgun =D

bump this dude bought my car haha

Haha yeah still trying to find storage for the blue car for the winter. No luck so far =(

lol @ need shotgun

What kind of car storage are you looking for? Just wondering.

Give you a free bump.

Nothing special, really. Just somewhere I can put the car during the winter months where it won’t rust. Preferrably on concrete or pavement. If I get bored I may want to remove the engine for a re-build but I’ll probably wait 'til spring for that when money isn’t as tight.

and thanks for the bump :wink:

you can store it in my garage :slight_smile: and sell it back to me :slight_smile: i miss it everyday haha its still my wallpaper on my phone

700 bucks and it’s yours. I havn’t even registered it yet haha.

::Bump:: I still havn’t played with this thing in weeks. Its gotta goooooooo somebody just make me a reasonable offer =]


Price reduced.


Have you try selling it on ebay? Just wondering.

I will probably get one once Peace Walker is out, but not sure if I will get the PSP GO.

I would do ebay but I don’t have paypal or an ebay account. The PSP GO is pretty neat and has cool features to it like bluetooth connectivity and some other things, and you don’t have to go to the store to buy your games but it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be. I would have been just as happy with a regular PSP.

Bump for Pocket Pool lol

Man You got any spare change… " I got these cheese burgers"

I have a shotgun for sale if you havent got one already. remmington model 870 tactical.

How much?

400.00 Its new never fired with over 100rnds of assorted ammo.