Public apology

I’d like to apologize to everyone for any arguments I’ve started.

I know Howie and the others wanted a fresh start, with no bullshit, and I’ve contributed to some of the drama.

I don’t expect any apologies in return… I’d just like every argument and problem between anyone on here, and myself, and/or Nichole to end, and we all start fresh.


:tup: for the apology.

Shit happens, man. People will always look at something and deem it gay or want to flame you for it. Its just the way the interweb works. Never had any beef with you or Nichole, just voiced my opinion and got deemed a cockrider. Wueva, wueva. Hope to see ya sometime at Lancaster, once school ends and I finally get a Tuesday/Thursday night to relax. Then you can laugh at my mad 5 speed skillz :lol:

fuck u

Not very nice.

uncalled for.

lol chill u guys know my humor


That’s probably part of the problem too… a lot of us may know know other people’s sense of humor, and react negatively to it…

Where I took what you said, negatively, and sarcastically.

Yeah, it is alomost as bad as your pictures, almost.

humor is good in the right time imo… z24 he was being serious lol



And id like to appologize for joining this forum and collectivly dropping your I.Q.s at least 10 pts…but now that im here, im like a bad rash that will never go away…Muuaaaahahahahahaha.

:tup: to the appology mang.

aight i deleted my posts, didnt know it was so SERIOUS.

fairlady i wanna say fuck u, but i wont, cuz i dont wanna make more drama :’(