Question about selling damaged tein coilovers

My car came with a set of Tein HE’s, which I traded for a set of Tein HA’s. However the HA’s are heading towards needing a re-build. So I guess I got unlucky on that trade! They don’t leak or anything like that, they just seem to have lost there dampening adjustability. They are still streetable, and work great at high speed corners, but I cant set them softer for daily driving. SO I am wondering if there is a market to sell these? Possibly to someone who is interested in rebuilding them, or someone looking for cheap hight adjustability to get them by for a year or something like that?
What do you guys think? I could lie and say they work great but then I would hate myself so I want to see if I can get anything for them or if they are garbage.
Thanks for your input.

wanted to add that I taked to Tein and they had this to say:

TEIN USA can perform overhauls from our Southern California location. We do not have any overhaul kits nor any other locations which are authorized to perform damper service. Cost for the overhaul is $80 per damper, which includes labor and small parts (seals, oil, etc…) but price can vary if parts are damaged. Turnaround time is approx. 2 weeks depending on condition. If parts must be ordered from Japan then turnaround time is greater. If you decide to send in your dampers for service, please complete and send in the Overhaul Agreement, which can be found at the following link, . Please remember to cut costs by only shipping the needed parts. Do not include springs, upper mounts, etc… if they do not require inspection. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.