R rated pictures

I thought my car was in the body shop! :dunno:

yep, and your not a real ginger either :burnout:

& u know this how?

if thats a DD I want to see your nice cars haha.

gingers are evil

nice car

very nice…im jealous

sweet ass daily whip. yummy type r

so you wanna sell this to me?? huh huh??? come on :kiss:

lookin good eric! i love the JDM fronts on those cars

I’d like to have one CW Type R.

2 Type R’s means double the theft potential!

true, but if you lived your life not enjoying what you like because you were worried that someone might take/harm/damage it then whats the use of even likeing anything. id rather enjoy some i like for short time than living my life wondering what it would like to enjoy it.

rug doesnt match the drapes? :dunno:

kolar told me:D

Eric … Sweet DD man … Congrats


lets just say that i am a real ginger utherwise known as the daywalker.and both of those type r’s are cool… and real just look under the back side it tells you so… Its real sucka

nice dd…:bigthumb:

looks good eric…JDM front clip FTW on those !