R32 guy for test?

anyone here live near me, not a douchebag, bought lots of stuff from me and interested in testing a new FUCA?

If they work out you can keep em :slight_smile:

suddenly i wish i had an r32 :frowning:

Not completely near you, but I’m in Oshawa, got quiet a few things from you for my 240 in the last couple months and I’d test them on the skyline for sure

Bing a ling. I’ll try them out for you.

Willthey work on a r33?

I have one you can try.

I got you as well bing…lmk. I may even be swinging by niagara this weekend and can pass by Hamilton.

dont need this immediately, i have to order a couple more parts first.

would require immediate install, pics and DD’ing of items.

If you need someone just shoot me a message and I’ll come get them and put them on right away

where’s jordie…he just got insurance

haha im right here, bing let me know whats up. these would be good to compare against the AMS ones i have.

these will be using very high grade hardware… similar to my TC rods. They will likely not be comparable to anything out there that i have seen thus far.

^ that sounds proper…hopefully by the time my car comes out of hibernation i’ll have enough saved to buy a bunch a parts from u

any updates on these Bing?

nah, i aborted mission for the time being…

we determined the design we had mocked up wasnt workable and shelved it for a bit.